Franchisee Values

Basic recipes will be supplied to Franchisees to promote consistency in foods offered in each location. Head Office encourages simplicity in daily operations by supplying sauces and other mixes. Franchisees will be responsible for monitoring the quality of food products on a day-to-day basis. The Division Manager will log observations on each location visit and coordinate follow up meetings as required.

All staff and management in each location are trained to enthusiastically greet each and every potential patron of Koryo Korean Barbeque. Staffs are not only hired on the basis of how friendly and trainable they are, but also on their ability to offer professional service on a regular basis. Our way of business is to cultivate a fun and exciting working environment to hearten employees. All customers are serviced in a quick, friendly, and fun manner.

The appearance of locations, employees, and Managers are imperative to support product, customer service, and entertainment standards. It is an expectation of all Franchisees to promote a clean, hygienic, and professional appearance at all times. Employees are required to adhere to company policies including, but are not limited to wearing pressed uniforms, minimal personal conversations while entertaining guests, and consistently maintaining a pristine work environment. We support the common customer belief that "a clean environment serves clean food."

It is our philosophy to secure a high return on investments for Franchisees by nourishing long-term business practices. Franchisees are a key component to overall success of Koryo opportunities therefore; we ensure that each Franchisee is treated as a member of our team, partnered to achieve the same common goal. Koryo is built to resist the "flash in the pan" trend in new businesses today. Steady research into current and future demands will dictate many business decisions impacting the growth and profits of individual locations.

Head Office strictly monitors cost management strategies through regular Franchisee reporting. It is our belief that profits can increase with lowered costs and implementation of more efficient operational concepts. Franchisees will be given the opportunity to have more control over bottom line figures by participating in seminars chaired by members of the Management Team at Head Office.

We are committed to offering ongoing support to each and every one of our valued franchisees. An assigned Division Manager will serve 3 functions:

1) To monitor the operations, development, and execution of business strategies in each individual location, as well as locations as a whole in specified areas.

2) To support franchisees with all facets of operational responsibilities including (but not limited to) management techniques, employee development, customer service excellence, food quality control, and cost control.

3) To educate through thorough training on the job and seminars chaired by members of the management team as well as outside sources.

We seek out and retain the best employees available, provide competitive compensation and profit sharing programs. Team and individual recognition is a constant focus and supported with Marketing Incentives. Franchisees have the option to implement long service award programs (making us an industry leader) to reward committed employees. In addition, high importance is always placed on employee learning and development. Regular performance evaluations and training sessions are available to motivate and educate employees. Suggestion boxes are available at every location as an added incentive for staff to offer the best possible service.

Our intentions are to offer employees a fun and entertaining atmosphere to work in where they can take pride in being a part of a very specialized business. Ongoing employee events are to be budgeted and scheduled to foster team building.

Communication is of the most important value within our organization; especially as the company itself intends to expand across Canada and internationally in a short time frame. Such tools as the Internet, fax, phone, and video conferencing will be available to every location.

Communication boards (white marker boards or bulletin boards) will be posted to encourage internal communication between individuals employed in each location. Clear, open, and detailed communication is a foundation to our growing restaurants.

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Koryo Franchising

Koryo Franchising

Koryo Franchising

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Philippines, get ready...

Koryo will be opening in Manila. September will be our Grand Opening so if you're in the area, prepare for some new tastes and big promotions.


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