Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Consumers are developing a strong awareness for lifestyle and quality; therefore, suppliers for raw materials are selected on the basis of quality, health, and value. We opt for suppliers who can offer products with no preservatives, artificial flavours, and who are highly recognized for quality. With every bite, you are sure to taste the awesome blend of traditional family recipes with a succulent modern twist. Koryo offers customers Affordable Gourmet™ food at it’s finest!

A commitment to service is a definite must for any company at any stage of growth. It is definitely not an exception at Koryo. Every effort is given to ensure all Franchisees and employees are equipped with the skills, manners and interest to successfully master their jobs. In fact, we take this so seriously that we have implemented employee incentive programs and make customer surveys/comment forms accessible through our website. We are unswerving in reading through each and every one that is received.

We will maintain an acute interest in our in-house marketing research to consistently meet changing demands of customers and developing trends in the industry. Although the bottom line of any business, including ours, is to achieve lucrative bottom line figures – we dare not affect the value that customers benefit from today. This philosophy allows us to continuously reinvest in Koryo towards organizational improvement and ultimately long-term growth.

Organizational communication is fundamental in our ability to achieve our goals. We strive to facilitate frequent and effective communication throughout all levels of our organization. Each location is equipped with Internet access for email and/or video conferences, fax machine and a separate phone line. Sales information is transmitted through the POS (point of sale) system via modem. Head Office personnel are instructed to contact each location to offer any assistance as well as to take food orders. It can be assured that processes are implemented to ensure no individual or group may circumvent procedures without immediate detection.

Koryo News

Manic Mondays in Ontario

Mondays 12pm - 2pm
Get full meals for just $2! See your local store for more details.

Philippines, get ready...

Koryo will be opening in Manila. September will be our Grand Opening so if you're in the area, prepare for some new tastes and big promotions.


Koryo Head Office

Suite 103 - 830 Centre Ave NE
Calgary AB, T2E 9C3 Canada

Phone: (403) 237-5070
Toll Free: 1 (877) KORYO-BBQ
Fax: (866) 512-5853
Email: info@koryofranchise.com

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