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About Us

About Us

In the rapidly expanding consumer market in Alberta, quality communication medium is a valuable commodity. SkyMedia was formed to produce a broad range of proprietary new products for the publication industry, serving the growing Chinese community in Edmonton and Calgary. The company is now applying their resources to building a successful media production enterprise based in Alberta.

SkyMedia have earned a solid reputation in the publication industry. Major publications are the Canadian Chinese Times and the Sky Magazine. While the 1982-created Canadian Chinese Times continues its position as the first and largest Chinese newspaper in Edmonton, the Sky Magazine remains the only Chinese lifestyle magazine in Alberta.

SkyMedia has consistently received favourable feedbacks for its products from national, regional, and local corporations such as Rogers Wireless, Fido, TELUS Mobility, Tridel Group of Companies, Jayman MasterBUILT, Toyota Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Company, T & T Supermarket, and Taste of Asia.

With its highly qualified management team, marketing resources, and progressive business relationships, SkyMedia is well-positioned to take full advantage of the industry's phenomenal on-going growth. In order to assure the success of its products, SkyMedia has prudently partnered with an abundance of businesses, secured by contractual commitments, to market and distribute its products to the Chinese consumers.

The proven track record of the industry, combined with its current evolution and strong positive forecast for future growth, offers significant potential for highly rewarding investment opportunities. The demonstrated expertise and entrepreneurial temperament of SkyMedia provides an attractive opportunity for investors to profit from a truly innovative emerging growth company with tremendous potential.